What's a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is a website created by a fan of a particular subject, with the aim gathering together with and listing other fans of that particular subject. The actual concept has probably been around for a long time but the term 'fanlisting' as a one-word noun was first used when Janine Mischor created The Fanlistings Network in 2000.

To join, you simply have to live in a country, have a name and a valid email address. Websites are not required and linking back if you do have one is optional -- but is greatly appreciated if you do! :)

Fanlistings I run:

Touch of Class :: An Alabama Fanlisting

Arieluma :: an Aion Fanlisting

LOLZ of teh Internets :: The icanhascheezburger.com Fanlisting

(Sorry the Helio fanlisting was retired years ago)