Welcome to No Bones About It, I Love Skulls!. This is the fanlisting for skulls. Why? Because I love them and have always been fascinated with them! Skulls are cool. Our skulls protect our brains and provide support to our faces.

There are a total of 22 bones in the skull. The skull is not only made up of bones but also cartilages and ligaments. The facial skeleton does not include the teeth and the cartilage of the nose. The skull contains foramina or canals scattered throughout the skull bones. There is only one bone in the skull that is movable and it is the jaw bone or mandible.

In a forensic study, you can tell if the skull belongs to male or female. Male skulls are heavier, larger, and thicker than the female skulls. The skull of a female is rounded and has a less protruded mandible. The shape and size of a skull differs in every ethnic group.

Every human skull has fractals or sutures of the skull. The bones of the skull are divided into the cranium and facial bones. Cranium has a total of eight bones while the facial bones have a total of 14 bones. The biggest hole in the skull is found in the area of the vertebral column that joins the skull’s base. It is the foramen magnum.

A skull with crossbones is used as a symbol of poison or death. It can also the symbol of penance, or in some cultures: rebirth.


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