Welcome to CMT does it all. This is the fanlisting for CopyMeThat.com, one of my absolute favorite sites for saving recipes, building shopping lists, planning my meals, finding and sharing new recipes with the CMT community, cooking tips, and so much more! And it's FREE!

You can do everything you need via the website, or download the iOS/Android apps to your mobile device of choice and manage things that way. The website is also mobile-friendly in case you'd rather use Safari or Chrome in a pinch! Me personally, I use Firefox on my iPad to access the website while I'm in the kitchen. :)

The site's owner/developer is a super sweet person, and is quick to assist with any issues using the site, importing saved recipes, etc. And did I mention that it's absolutely FREE to use?

A premium version is available, but not necessary to use the site or apps. Premium adds a few extra features, which are nice and worth the one-time cost, in my (not so) humble opinion. But again, totally not necessary to use the site or apps!

I am happy to support this fantastic service! Feel free to follow me if you'd like, though my recipe sharing comes and goes in spurts.


This is an example of a recipe I have shared that a friend gave me:

example recipe


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