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We all remember webrings, right? Whether you called them webrings, or web rings, or netrings, or site rings -- if you were on the web during the 90s, you were likely a part of one of these communities! Webrings were curated communities with cool badges that you could jump on sites to and fro with simple previous, next, and random links. They were usually centered around a specific topic, and helped you find like-minded sites to explore.

This is my fansite dedicated to these virtual cool kids clubs from way back when. Join if you had one and/or you're a fan of webrings!


Did you know?

That webrings are actually trying to make a come back? I wrote a bit on this on my blog. Several folks have started projects to help make this happen, also others are tweeting about it. There's several scripts currently out there to run independent webrings, or you can use the WebRingo service which is available (but needs a bit of love). WebRings still out there, just not quite as easy to find. I'm hoping to help change that! :)

In fact, I've even started a few of my own. There's a nice listing of webrings available here.

Member of the Nerds of the 90s webring

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